Meghan's Adventures in Asia

I will be travelling to Asia as part of the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management MBA program.  The purpose of the trip is to learn about cultural, economic, political, legal, and social factors that affect global business situations.

I will be travelling with a group of 19 students, one instructor, and one dean.  Phil is our instructor, and Erika is our dean.  They have taken this trip many times before, and are experts on Asian culture.  The class is divided into 3 groups.  The other members of my group are Margaret, Manzoor, Mitesh, Steppen, and Jaime.  Margaret is also my room mate.

The first 6 days of the trip will be spent in Beijing, China.  While in Bejing, we will visit the Forbidden City, Tianamen Square, and the Great Wall.  We will also tour a Chinese factory, Motorola China, and an international bank.

The next 7 days will be spent in Bankok, Thailand.  We are partnering with Chulalongkorn University while in Bankok.  We will have the opportunity to attend several lectures about Thai business and politics.  We will also meet with the Thai royal family and visit their palace. 

In Bankok, each group will be paired with a local company.  We will be assigned a consulting project which we will work on for the duration of our stay in Bankok.  On the last day of our visit, we will present the results of our project to judges from Chulalongkorn.

The final 4 days of the trip will be spent in Tokyo.  This is not an official part of the LFGSM trip.  Since there is no direct flight from Bankok to Chicago, we had a stopover in Tokyo.  Margaret, Mitesh, Manzoor and I decided that since we were stopping in Tokyo anyway, we might as well see the city.  So we will stay there for a few days before flying back to Chicago.

I will attempt to update this blog as often as possible during the trip, but my internet access may be spotty.  I will update this page with more text and pictures after I return from the trip.

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New!  Content has been added for March 11.

I know that a lot of you have been waiting for updates to this blog, and I am working on it.  Obviously, I am back at home now, but I'm very busy.  I was pretty worthless for 2 days as I recovered from jet-lag.  And I had to go to work, and I'm also taking another class right now, for which I had a paper due this weekend.  But I took notes on each day I was on my trip, and I am working hard on typing them all into the blog.  I will also be adding pictures soon, so stay tuned!


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March 2006