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February 7

2 weeks pregnant


What the heck?!  Mom had her IUD removed on December 27 and the doctor told her it would take at least a few months, or possibly up to a year to get pregnant.  But here I am!  I have the same number of cells as an amoeba……but that’s going to change quickly!

February 19

4 weeks pregnant

Hmmmm…..Mom’s period is due today, but she is not even thinking that she might be pregnant yet.  She is sooooo in denial.  Meanwhile, I am busy implanting in the lining of her uterus.

February 22

4 weeks pregnant

Mom checked the calendar 3 times today, thinking that she miss-counted the weeks.  Hello, I’m right here!  She finally took a pregnancy test, just to “put her mind at ease.”  She and Dad are having a hard time believing the result!

March 3

6 weeks pregnant

Mom is in Asia on business this week.  We have had to spend way more time on a plane than we ever wanted to.  Mom can’t figure out why the jet lag is hitting her so hard.  Little does she know this is the start of morning sickness!  My heart started beating for the first time this week, somewhere in China or India or somewhere in between.  My arm and leg buds are also forming this week.

March 17

8 weeks pregnant

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Mom doesn’t get any green beer today, and she doesn’t want any, either!  She keeps making excuses about not being able to get over her jet lag, but she is starting to realize that the nausea and fatigue are here to stay.

March 19

8 weeks pregnant

Today Mom got to see me for the first time!  She had an ultrasound and saw me doing somersaults!  There is still a lot of room to move around in here, but I’m sure that will change soon!  I’m now the size of a lima bean, and my tail is receding. 

April 23

13 weeks pregnant

Welcome to second trimester!  I’m already 3 inches long.  Mom is finally feeling a little better.  She is still tired all the time, but she isn’t nauseous anymore. 

May 1

14 weeks pregnant

Hey!  Who’s draining the pool?!  Someone stuck a huge needle in here today and drained out a bunch of the fluid I’ve  been swimming in.  Mom and Dad got to watch the whole thing on ultrasound, and they got some clearer pictures of me.

May 8

15 weeks pregnant

I’m the size of an orange now, and my bones are starting to ossify.  This week, Mom started feeling “flutters” in her tummy as I move around, but she can only feel it when she lies really still.  Her tummy is starting to protrude a little, and it’s uncomfortable for her to lay on it.  Her pants are feeling a little bit tight!

May 15

16 weeks pregnant

After 2 weeks of nail-biting, Mom and Dad finally got the results of the amniocentesis test.  They learned what I could have told them months ago – I’m perfectly healthy, and I’m a girl!  Time to start telling the family!

 May 26 

 18 weeks pregnant

Most of the family knows about me now, and they are pretty excited.  Mom is feeling much better.  She can even stay up past 10 pm now!  This week my sense of hearing is developing, and I can hear food moving through Mom's digestive system.  I'm also starting to grow layers of cute baby fat.

 June 9

 20 weeks pregnant

We're halfway there!  Mom is feeling pretty good now, and is getting back to her normal exercise routine.  If she skips a workout, I get a little restless and kick her in the evening during the time that she is usually exercising.  I'm about six inches long now.  Mom doesn't have any pants that will button anymore. 

June 16

21 weeks pregnant

Mom got another look at me today via ultrasound.  I was moving around so much that the technician had a hard time taking  some of the measurements.  Everything looked good, and they visually confirmed that I'm a girl.  This will be the last ultrasound, unless something goes wrong.

June 23

22 weeks pregnant

Today was NOT a good day!  Mom and Dad are in Mexico for the wedding of one of their friends.  They've been having a great time touring Mayan ruins and hanging out at the pool.  But I guess Mom must have eaten something that she shouldn't have.......she started vomiting at 6 this morning.  By the end of the day, she was so dehydrated that her belly didn't even look pregnant.  Space was getting a little tight in here!  I let Mom know by kicking her incessantly.

June 29

23 weeks pregnant

Mom is completely recovered from the food poisoning, and she is feeling great.  She is back at home from her vacation, and getting ready to start a new job tomorrow.  We attended my cousin Kendall's first birthday party today.  By now I am hearing sounds from outside the womb, so I heard Kendall's Happy Birthday song.  I weigh about 1 pound already, and I'd have a chance of survival if I were born now.



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